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Lots going on today

I have a strategic planning team meeting here in a few minutes so I’ll be as brief as possible.  There are a lot of very interesting stories that hit last night and I want to get to them all.

First, there’s a very detailed instructional on how to turn the iPod Touch into an “iPhone” using a touchmod microphone and SIP-VoIP.  Right now, you have to use one of the other VoIP services since Skype’s not using SIP.  But really?  Come on.  That’s not that big of a dealbreaker is it?

So, first you just jailbreak the iTouch, then you install this software, set up an account with a VoIP service, and plug in the microphone and you’re off.

Reportedly, sound quality isn’t where it could be but, I have faith that it will get there eventually.

And if you want to fee old?  Here’s a video of a fetus who’s turned his iTouch into an iPhone.  If he can do it…

Speaking of kids…

People are getting sick and tired of Facebook’s viral apps.  You know, the ones that force you to invite all your friends before you can waste time using them?  It’s funny, people seem to clamor for extensibility, until the reality of it hits them.

Over in the art department, there’s a VERY cool set of 16 Aviary tutorials which teach you how to do all kinds of cool tricks with photo manipulation.  And before you ask, yes, this is applicable to Photoshop with just a little know how.

Old man take a look at my life

The above trick has to be my favorite.

Before you go clicking on there, beware, there may be some content that is not suitable for children or work.

Finally, on the Western Front of net neutrality, researchers at our very own University of Washington have developed a software tool that proves that ISPs are dicking around with web traffic. As it turns out, a few ISPs are already injecting advertising into your datastream.  Lets hope the big boys don’t get wind of this, or they’ll all be doing it.

OK, well, that’s it, see you tomorrow!


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