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Printing Stats

So, we got the printing statistics from the Pharos people up in Seattle and several things stood out.

  1. Number of jobs: the UWT Library made 65,863 imprints last quarter.
  2. Percentage of jobs: the UWT Library handled 81% of the total print jobs on campus (the library printed 65,863 and all of the computer labs printed 14,999)
  3. Compared to other units: the UWT Library printed 1101 more jobs than the Bothell Library
  4. UWT Library ranked 5th: only OUGL (nearly 10x the number of jobs), Suzzallo Allen, the Law Library, and Foster Business Library beat the UWT Library for number of prints
  5. Color printing: there were only 267 total color prints last quarter
  6. Total money recovered: about $7900 for the whole quarter.

Interesting stuff, and more evidence that the UWT Library is the most popular computing spot on campus.


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