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Some updates to the TeamSpot installation

I have made some changes to the signage and equipment in the TeamSpot area in order to help answer some questions that students have raised about this service.

Can I play a DVD?

Yes, simply check out a pair of headphones (or the multi-line headphone jack and several sets of headphones for groups) and the keyboard and mouse from circulation, pop in your DVD, and enjoy.

Why is there no keyboard and mouse?

You shouldn’t need a keyboard or mouse to control the server because once you download, install and start the client on your laptop, you can use your laptop to control the server (see the instructions in the TeamSpot booklet). That said, the library recognizes that there may be times that students, staff, and faculty might want to use the station in a more “traditional” manner and a keyboard and mouse are available at the circulation desk for you to check out. Just plug them into the USB port and you’re on your way.

Who should I contact if I have a problem, complain, or need a training session?

Please contact me, Tim Bostelle, by phone (253.692.4650) or email ( for any questions regarding this equipment.

I have also updated the remote desktop configuration which means that I can manage this computer from home if there’s a problem, put a sign on the “reboot” button and encourage users to reboot the system if there are problems and am forwarding my work phone to my cell phone.

Hopefully that should catch all the problems as they fall through.  If not, let me know.


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Teamspot demos

Here in a few minutes we’re going to host the last of our open house demos of the TeamSpot collaborative software. As you may recall this software was part of the Founder’s Endowment Grant that is loving refered to as the “Learning Cave:” basically, the University gave us a bunch of money toput in some cool new collaborative software, flexible seating so that students could make the space suit the size of their group, comfortable chairs, and other amenities that transform a stodgy old collection space to a vibrant new group study space.

So far we’ve had a pretty fair number of students come in and get the demo, but I know there are a lot more out there who need to be reached. To that end I have put aside time, specifically for student groups, to make appointments with me so that I can give them an introduction to the software.

From now until February 19th, simply email me (tbostell at u dot washington dot edu) or call me (253 692 4650) at least a day or two in advance and pick one of the two times I’ve set aside (9-10am or 4-5pm) and I will meet your group and give a live demo. It’s about a 15-20 minute presentation and we do a hands-on demonstration and we can do it with your laptops or the library’s laptops — your choice.

Also, if you’re a faculty or staff person and you know of some students who need to work on projects like this, please feel free to contact me: I’ll come to your classroom, send an email, talk on the phone, whatever it takes to get your class up to speed.

Right, that’s it, gotta teach another class.  See you in the collaboration studio!

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Back to Business

Jeeze, I just notice that it’s been almost a month since my last LIT blog. Well, I’ve been busy! I’ve been working on the Phase 3/4 planning, ordering staff computers (which took way longer than expected because of the  local interpretation of the Governor’s directive), upgrading student computers, overseeing the Pharos Printer changeover, changing the public computers into student/1 hour logon computers, building our LAMP server and shepherding the Learning Cave project.


See, that’s why there hasn’t been a blog!

But that’s about to change. I’m going to start using the blog to disseminate some information about some of the changes as they come out. Specifically, coming up will be a blog about the LIT Tours, the Pharos changes, the Learning Cave, the new Library web site, the new student/1 hour logon computers, and any public info about the Phase 3/4 planning that I need to tell you about.


So, stay tuned and I’ll see you all tomorrow!

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Learning cave mid-summer meeting

The learning cave folks (me, Beckie, and Erica) met this morning with Don and Tessa to talk about furniture and other issues that we’ve been working on.

Tessa showed us the proposed KI “Torsion on the Go!” chair that the University is putting in classrooms and we need to show them to the library staff. She also showed us some alternatives to the Torsion chair.

Erica gave an update on the work with the library staff; Serin is working on moving the maps and Anna is interested in what’s going to happen to the two displays (the bulletin board and the display case.) Erica also quickly consulted with Tessa and Suzanne about the size of the wall and we settled on no more than 78″ from the south wall with an “L” shape needed for stability.

I reported on where I am with ordering technology (coming in under budget so far). Three items have been ordered with just the HDTV actually fully received. I’ll also be contacting Joe and computer services to get a quick consultation on their installation costs (if any).

Don agreed to put in the work order for the accent wall.

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