Windows 7

I have gotten a few questions about Windows 7 and I’d like to answer them as succinctly as possible.

What is Windows 7?

Basically it’s the new operating system from Microsoft. They heard all the complaints about Windows Vista and decided to fix them. This is a bit of a trend with Microsoft actually. They seem to release an OS then get a lot of flack and then release a second OS that works a lot better. Like when they released Windows 95 and it worked pretty well, so they released Windows 98 and it was, erm, “not well received.” Same with Windows XP and Vista. So, now they have released Windows 7 and according to most reports, they actually have fixed almost everything.

Should I upgrade?

Depends! Do you have a new computer that is bogged down under the heavy load of Vista? You probably will want to upgrade. Still using Windows Xp on a 3 year old laptop? You probably don’t need to upgrade.

Where do I get Win7?

If you’re a student, you can get a copy at the bookstore or from Microsoft for $30. The rest of us have relatively few options if we want to upgrade: you can buy the full retail version for up to $300 or you can buy a “system builder’s version” (OEM)  for $100 . Word about OEM, the license isn’t transferable. You can’t take it from one computer to the other. So, think carefully about that before you save $10.

Which version?

Before you decide which version you want to get you might want to look at the Microsoft web site and figure out which version you want. Do you need Chinese language support? Then you need to buy “Ultimate.” Do you want Windows to run all your backups? You need “Professional.” Do you not care? Then you need “Home Premium!”

When will the Library switch to Windows 7?

Uhhh… lol, well, I have to install it on my machine first!



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2 responses to “Windows 7

  1. cecil

    I heard this is the first time Microsoft actually listened to what the users want, instead of Microsoft telling the users what they need.

  2. Jennifer Burley

    This is very helpful information, thanks!

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