Annual Stats Roundup 2008/2009


For the 08/09 academic year, students used the library printers/copiers to make 174,667 Pharos imprints. This means that the UWT Library handled 82.5% of the 211,589 total Pharos prints on campus.

Not surprisingly the library’s busiest quarter for printing was Fall quarter, when we made 65,863 prints and had the higest number of prints in a month (24,773) in October. What is surprising is that the 2nd and 3rd highest print months were April and May of 2009 with 23,571 and 22,599 respectively. People don’t like to print in the winter?

Fall through Spring quarter, the library is open 220 days, with 212 school days. This means that the library does an average of 793 pages of printing per day.


The web site being on 24 hours a day 7 days a week coupled with the fact that the UWT Library homepage is the default page on the library gives our web usage statistics a bit of a skew. However, there are some interesting stats that pop out. First, there were 186,828 total visits to the UWT Library web site last year which is 713 visits per day. Second, the slowest day of the year was… December 24th, when 32 people hit the web site. The busiest day was October 15th, with 1,451 hits. And the busies time of the year is Fall, where users hit the site more often and stayed on site longer than any other time of the year.

The busiest times of the day were 10am to 3pm, which coincides with our busy time here in the library. And our busiest days are Monday through Thursday with a precipitous drop on Friday and Saturday and a small rebound on Sunday.


The logons at UWT are tracked by total logons (TL) , total hours of computing (TH), average minutes per user (MA),  and average hours per day of computer usage (HPD = TH/# of days we are open per quarter).

The UWT library had 35,000 Total Logons in the 2008/2009 academic year. Our best quarters for logons were Winter and Spring with 13,559 and 13,547 logons respectively, both of which represent an increase of 30% over Fall quarter.

Inversely, students stayed twice as long per logon in the fall that they did in Winter and Spring, going from 88 minutes per logon on average to 38 and 41 respectively.

Total hours of computing is calculated by the total number of minutes that all users are logged on to all of the library computers and then simply divided by 60 minutes. This number is very useful as it gives us a sense of the total load that the library is dealing with as far as desktop computers over a quarter. A typical quarter is 70 some days and the library is currently open 80 hours a week during those days. Thus, the library averages 11.42 hours per day (80/7) during the academic quarter and roughly 825 hours of operations during any given quarter (11.42 * 73).  So, when I tell you that in Spring quarter the library did 9264 hours of computing  or an average of 11.23 hours of computing per hour that we are open for a total of 129 hours of computing per day. You can see that students love using the library computers.

Summer Quarter

I started keeping these stats just last year and thus I have stats for last summer. That means that at the end of this summer quarter I will finally be able to make a side by side comparison of two complete quarters.



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