Printing Stats

So, we got the printing statistics from the Pharos people up in Seattle and several things stood out.

  1. Number of jobs: the UWT Library made 65,863 imprints last quarter.
  2. Percentage of jobs: the UWT Library handled 81% of the total print jobs on campus (the library printed 65,863 and all of the computer labs printed 14,999)
  3. Compared to other units: the UWT Library printed 1101 more jobs than the Bothell Library
  4. UWT Library ranked 5th: only OUGL (nearly 10x the number of jobs), Suzzallo Allen, the Law Library, and Foster Business Library beat the UWT Library for number of prints
  5. Color printing: there were only 267 total color prints last quarter
  6. Total money recovered: about $7900 for the whole quarter.

Interesting stuff, and more evidence that the UWT Library is the most popular computing spot on campus.


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2 responses to “Printing Stats

  1. Suzanne

    Those are impressive numbers though they do not include what students print at the Copy Center on campus or on the student “free” printers. So, the percentage of total printing is probably lower than 81%.

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