Where are the floods?

I came across this interactive map of the flooding we are getting around here. Looks like it was put together by some folks at the Pierce County web site so, that’s as far as I can go vouching for the accuracy of the detail. There some good detail like flow rates and where the rivers are actually breaking onto the roads, plus alink to a more detailed report on each flood zone. Check it out.

I’ve decided to use this as a single place to put some alerts and information for people regarding the floods. As I come across the info, I will paste links and synopsis in this post so feel free to check back from time to time.

Most of the information I’m getting is from the News Tribune RSS feed, via my Google reader so if you know how to subscribe to an RSS feed you can bypass me altogether. I wouldn’t mind at all.

Anyway, here’s the latest resources and information I have.

1/8/09 3:30pm

Trains running all over Western Washington are being suspended left and right. If you need to get somewhere by train, I recommend calling Amtrak to make sure your train is running.

Also, it turns out there are problems with Sound Transit going various places and they too are posting the latest information on their web site (Soundtransit.org). So, go there and check that out if you need public transit.

Pierce Transit is having some problems with their Orting service and NE Tacoma service, check their web site for the latest information as well.

Finally, I want to mention that the Red Cross is opening several emergency shelters throughout the area and you may want to jot down the location of the nearest one to you just in case the worst happened.

I’ll update this if there is more information forthcoming.

Stay safe!

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