Fall Quarter 2008 Web Stats

If you remember, back in May I installed the Google Analytic script on all the UW Tacoma Library web pages. Since we adopted the tracking software mid-quarter, in the last quarter of the year we’ll never have a real good baseline to compare last year’s starts to this year’s. Further, since our first full quarter is a summer quarter and those quarters are nothing like the rest of the year I can’t use that as a comparison until next summer.  So, I just left out any comparisons… at least until next year.

Here are the numbers:

  • Total visits: 68,808
    • 44,611 returning visitors
    • 24,197 new visitors
  • They are in the HOUSE! 41,692 people visited the library web site from within the washington.edu subnet.
  • Best Day: October 12th — 3,783
  • Most hits from out of state: California (540)
  • Most hits/population from out of state: Oregon (100)

That’s a snapshot of the traffic during Fall quarter. If you’d like to see the detailed reports I have the PDF’s and would be more than happy to share them.

Look for in-house computer use stats tomorrow!

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