Slow Printing of PowerPoint in the library

I’ve gotten word that there’s a PowerPoint presentation on Blackboard that is printing really, really slowly. I haven’t really “gotten word” I mean to say that I’ve seen it happen. So, I did a little testing and feel like the most likely culprit is the fact that some of you are printing the document in full color.

The printers in the library aren’t capable of color so there’s no point in trying to print them full color. Instead, you should save yourself a bunch of time by printing them in good old black and white!

To do that you simply open the file in PowerPoint, click on the Office bubble in the upper left corner and click on Print.

Then, in the printing sub-menu select “Pure black and white” from the bottom drop down list. If you want to print them as handouts instead of single slides you can also select this at this point with the drop down list directly above the “Color/Grayscale” list where you just selected “pure black and white.” Then I like to change the number of slides per page to something like 3 so that I can take notes.

Anyway, that’s it, if that’s still printing slow or you have other suggestions, let me know.


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