First week’s stats

I had hoped to get these stats out at the same time that Don published his gate count for the week, but as it turns out I had a ton of other stuff to do and this is a bit of a rushed job.

Irregardless (as Don would say) here are the Google analytics of UWT Library Homepage and a breakdown of all the local logons for the first week.

The Google analytics are interesting because I was able to easily compare a past period with the latest data. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to compare like periods (the first week of class) because we didn’t have Google analytics installed on the library homepage until mid-way though Spring quarter. So, I did the next best thing; I compared the last week of Spring quarter (traditionally a very busy time) with the first week of Fall quarter. I’m not sure how significant it is but there is an increase in October over June.

Basically, in the first week of class we had 6,250 visits to the UWT Library Homepage, which is a 23% increase over the 5,092 visits that we had at the busiest time of the quarter last year, not bad. The other interesting trend is the days that people are most likely to visit has remained constant; Monday through Thursday bear the brunt of our total workload, Friday and Saturday have comparatively far fewer visitors and Sunday starts picking up again slightly. We see this pattern in every week, regardless of finals, or even if there’s a break.

Of course, if you look at the second document, the local logons (which measure the number of and length of students logging on to the library’s computers) mirror and actually amplify some of the statistics that we see when looking at web usage. So, for example, Monday through Thursday we average 296.5 logons per day and Friday through Sunday we averaged 58.3 logons per day. In fact, we do 60% more logons on our slowest day (Tuesday – 277) during the week than we do for an entire weekend (totals 175). This statistic is reinforced when you look at the total number of “logons per hour open” on any of the week days (20-23 per hour) and on any of the weekend days where we are doing a paltry 5 logons per hour on a day like Saturday or Sunday.

It isn’t all bad, the main difference between the weekends and the weekdays seems to be that the users stay longer on the weekends (73 min./logon on Saturday and Sunday) than they do on the average weekday (30 min./logon on average). So, clearly the people who do come on the weekends are here for serious study.

Anyway, that’s a sort of overview of what’s going on with library computing this week. If you have some time and you’re really interested check out the Google Analytics document, it’s fascinating the level of granularity that they are collecting on our behalf. I’m talking to you, person who hit our homepage from Egypt using an Opera browser!


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  1. Suzanne

    This is great information, Tim! Thanks for tracking it.

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