Changes to the printing system

“Where’d the printers go?” I hear that all the time and it’s a perfectly sensible question since, on it’s face, the library seemed to have lost all their printers and is only left with three old copiers.

It’s true, the library lost the print station and both of the old Xerox printers. The old system where students would all queue up behind the one release station has been replaced with a new system. In its place we have three copy machines which are attached to the Pharos queue system.  This means that instead of the old system with one release station and two printers, we now have three release stations each with their own printers.  AND! Each printer is also a copier.

So, “where are the printers?” They are over here, attached to the copiers!

P.S. Don’t forget to update your Pharos print drivers on your laptop, the ones from last quarter no longer work!

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