Kindle Killer and stuff

Wow, first of all, some company called Plastic Logic must have read my blog (or used common sense) to come up with this great idea for an e-book reader. It incorporates, that electronic ink screen, touch screen, full wi-fi, the ability to read Office docs, in a super slim interface.  What’s next?  Color? It’s almost as if we’re back in the days when newspapers were being invented, except people are trying to invent a newspaper that, well, that has the whole darn world at your fingertips. As the article points out we need to see compatibility and price and so on, but as it stands, if it can deliver what it promises, why would I buy a Kindle?

Also, sorry I haven’t been blogging much here… I have been contributing over at Tacoma Tech Connect, the Tacoma Chamber of Commerce blog and there’s only so much Technology Talk I can stomach.

Finally, I am going to Seattle today to sit at my first meeting of the Library Pharos committee. So far, the “upgrade” has been just what it was every other year, but I’m hopeful that my new role on the committee will help to alleviate some of those historical problems. For example, I’m hoping that they will provide some training on the new version of Pharos Remote. Otherwise, it’ll be a from-scratch session by me, as usual.

Ok, see you around.


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