Tesla would be proud

No, the guys from Intel didn’t create a time machine, that would REALLY make Tesla proud.  They simply used a resonant magnetic field to send power two feet to a 60 watt light bulb.

Now, before you get too excited, there are several things that still need to be worked out.  First, it costs 25% more power to send power this way than through conventional methods.  This means it took 75 watts to power a 60 watt light bulb.  When America is importing millions of barrels of oil a day to power our current consumption this is exactly the kind of waste we don’t need.

Second, I mean look at it.  It’s huge.  They are going to start miniaturizing the device here pretty soon so that you could have it in your desk and charge your devices just by putting them on your desktop.  That and other adaptations will have to be made that will no doubt take years.

Finally, though there aren’t any articles about it, I have to wonder what the health effects of such ubiquitous power would be.  In the example in the NY Times article they suppose that a whole kitchen counter top could be so powered.  But then isn’t the person working in the kitchen going to be constantly bombarded with resonating magnetic fields?  And if so, what will happen to us?  At the very least it gives the tin-foil hat types something else to worry about.


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