I’m back

I just got back from 2400 miles of the most barren land in the United States and I learned a few things along the way.

  1. Some Washington State rest areas offer free wifi. YAY! Except the only pages that are free are the WSDOT pages, all the others cost $3 for 15 minutes. BOOO! I’m a huge proponent of public/private partnerships, but there has to be a better/cheaper way to do this. Why not do something like Google has proposed and offer free wifi with targeted advertising?
  2. 75mph is 5/4 mile per minute and 80mph is 4/3mpm. If you divide this ratio by the number of miles you have left to drive the baby will still wake up 30 minutes before your destination and force you to pull over to change her diaper and feed her.
  3. The iPod touch is great; as a calculator and to play games while waiting for the baby to finish eating.
  4. But, since there’s no free wifi between here and New York city, it’s efficacy is extremely limited.
  5. There are places in this world where spaghetti consists of: canned tomatoes, canned mushrooms, onions, noodles, and massive quantities of celery. Given sufficient hunger, a 10 year old will eat this.
  6. Everyone stops to take a picture of the brick that Teddy Roosevelt laid at the Northern entrance to Yellowstone park. That must be an exciting photo album.
  7. I saw a tatanka on the road in Yellowstone and like everyone else… I took his picture
  8. tatanka

  9. The Big Horn Mountains are incredible. I didn’t even care that there was no internet access.
  10. Grasshoppers will live a long time half squished in the grill of your car.
  11. Cody Wyoming has wifi… but it costs $7 for 1/2 an hour and $10 for a day.  No thanks, I didn’t need to read my email that badly.
  12. The baby’s grandparents had wifi, but it was on satellite, which is slow.
  13. So, almost all of my devices were pretty much boat anchors.  I think they could have been more useful if I had more software loaded on my laptop (Photoshop, Office, etc) but since I have just a bare-bones system that I use to connect to my office computer via remote desktop and then use the software here I was pretty useless with the slow connections and dead spaces.
  14. Honestly?  It was a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of being plugged into the net every day.

So, while I’m back, and fully plugged in, I think I’m going to shut out the internet world for a while today.  You know, ease back into the chaos.


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