hand wipes

Computers are really gross, if you think about it.  We have a couple systems in the library here that literally get hundreds of uses per day.   The chance for germs to get on the keyboard goes through the roof when you have that many people touching the same thing.  There are tons of places like this in the world: beer glasses, the holes in a bowling ball, the Blarney Stone, door handles, on and on.  It’s almost best not to think about it.

Some students at UW in Seattle did more than just think about it, they swabbed the keyboards and tested them for various bacteria.  What they came up with… well, all I can say is WASH YOUR HANDS, PEOPLE.

Jessica and I have latex gloves that we wear during cold season because I kept getting sick and I’m sure that the library keyboards have a lot to do with that.

Other tips if you have to work on public computers like I do:

  1. wash your hands after you work on the computer
  2. don’t touch your face while contaminated by that public computer
  3. wear gloves if you have them

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