Neat Firefox Trick

So, Ahlana (aka Jessica, my assistant) showed me a neat trick with Firefox today.

Basically if you’re using Firefox and you right-click on any search field (any input form actually works) you can make a “keyword search” available from the address bar.  Here, let me explain, with pictures!

First, go on over to our homepage, I’ll wait….


Now, right click on the Library Catalog Search field near the top of the page

Go ahead and click on the “Add a Keyword for this search” option, which will cause an input window to appear like this

In this example, I put in the keyword “lib” you might want to use “libk” (k for keyword!) and give it a name and maybe even organize it into a folder for searches or something.  Depends on how much organization you need in your life.  Me?  I don’t really care.

Now that you’ve created the bookmark, go ahead and click “OK.”

Now here’s what that little widget does: click in the address bar and type in “lib hemingway” (if you named it ” libk” use that instead of “lib”) like this

press enter.

Et Viola! That widget searches the form for you.

If you want to set up a widget that searches Authors, just change the drop down box to “Author” search and do the same process.  Rinse and repeat with every search field or form field that you’d like to fill in automatically.

Have fun!


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One response to “Neat Firefox Trick

  1. Serin

    Spiffy cool! Tell Ahlana thank you.


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