Why I’m waiting to download Firefox 3.0

I saw an article today on why I should DOWNLOAD FIREFOX 3.0 RIGHT NOW!!!!

The author makes some darn good points, and I will be downloading Firefox 3.0 soon.  But why not right now?

  1. I’m busy — I don’t have time to test software for Mozilla right now.
  2. Firefox 2 works just fine — in fact, with noscript installed it’s the safest browser in the world.
  3. Firefox 3 has critical errors already and products and plugins that I use regularly (like noscript) already don’t work.  So, why not wait until next week?
  4. There will be a bug patch, probably next week.
  5. Me downloading or not downloading Firefox won’t effect the world one little tiny bit.  I’m sure they will use my download stats to prove how popular their browser is regarless of whether I download it today or if I download it next week.

So, look for an update on Firefox 3.0 next week.


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