Wifi reactionaries

Back in 2002 when the library first installed wi-fi we had a patron who complained that the microwaves emitted by the wi-fi network were in the same frequency that are used in microwave ovens. Since, he reasoned, businesses have to put up a sign warning people with a pacemaker when a microwave oven was in use, why shouldn’t the UW Tacoma Library have to put up a sign warning people about the “microwaves in use” via the wi0fi network?

So, I did some research on the effects of wi-fi on humans and came to the following conclusion: they are nowhere near powerful enough to effect humans. If you want to, please feel free to peruse the literature at NIOSH.

Besides, I reasoned, we’ve been using microwaves now for a century and no ill effects have been found. Until now.

This whole “wi-fi causes headaches” thing is starting to really get legs, I mean like “Obama is a Manchurian candidate” legs, and this is simply because it is impossible to prove a negative.

The latest shot across the bow is in Sante Fe, New Mexico, where a few citizens are calling this an “allergy” and demanding that it be taken out of the public library because the American’s with Disabilities Act protects them from discrimination. Set aside the blogger’s glib response, just watch the news video in the link. Why doesn’t the reporter talk to one, just one scientist on this matter? Oh yeah, because a scientist would tell him that this is a non-story.

But don’t tell that to the administration at Sainte-Genevieve university library in Paris. They just shut down their wi-fi hotspots because several staff complained of getting headaches which they attributed to their wireless network.

Or in Britain, or California…

Like I said, this thing is getting legs.  Let me state definitively: there are NO, PROVEN, ill effects from wireless networks.  If there had been any we would have discovered them when we started doing high powered transmissions of Television, Radio, Cellular Phones, etc. etc.


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