iTouch program update

Well, so far the library iTouch program is going quite swimmingly.  In this preliminary or sort of “feeling out” round I’ve implemented a two week check out with a peer training program.  Basically, I sent everyone a message and they told me if they wanted to check out the device and then they get put on a list (first come, first served).  I trained the first person how to use it, and twhen her two weeks was up she trained the next person and so on.  After they return the item to me, they are asked to complete a simple 5 question survey about what they most liked using the iTouch for.

Armed with a few respondents I’m now moving into the hypothesis phase and have put out the call for a research assistant.  We’ll see what happens on that front, but frankly I need help with the research, there’s just too much coming out about this device right now.

Also, I have gotten funding from Charles to purchase the Nokia n810.  Next up, tech investigation, then the same program for that device.


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