Fascinating, Jim.

I have installed Google analytics on the UWT Library web pages and am getting some real quality data as we speak.

For examplem we currently have an extraordinarily high bounce rate of 66%.  I wonder what other library’s bounce rates are?  The days that the site are accessed is also telling.  Overwhelmingly, the site is visited on Wednesday and Thursday, with Saturday and Sunday being used 1/3 as much.  Interesting.

Look for a more detailed report after the web services team meets.

One of the difficulties I encountered was that we don’t have a common template on all the Library web pages but after a little bit of messing around I was able to get the code into most of the site’s pages.  Let me know if you find a page that’s missing the javascript.


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3 responses to “Statistics

  1. What is a bounce rate and what does a high one mean for our web site?

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