I am blogging about the UW Libraries RSS feed for all their blogs, to which I have submitted this blog.  If this blog’s RSS feed is added to that page and this blog post is displayed there, then the circle will truly be complete.

In real news, library type folk (or people interested in research sources) might get a kick out of some of the feeds found there.  Check them out.

In other tech news, I read an article today that claimed that 802.11n will dominate the academic wi-fi market by 2013.  I believe it; more and more hand held devices are shipping with wi-fi (just look at the iPhone and Nokia n810) and the demand for data is increasing.  There are now movies on demand through Netflix (and even some libraries are doing this) and other data rich applications that students, staff, and faculty will want to pipe into wireless devices.

802.11n hasn’t been officially released (June ’09 — MAYBE) but it’s supposed to pack 300MB/s.  Which is roughly 3 times as fast as the wire that’s coming out of your wall.

In other words, it’s real fast.  And if companies like Comcast continue to meter and further limit the amount and type of data that your receive off those lines at home, then academia will be one of the fastest places on earth to transfer data.  The library of the future could be a true “hotspot” of activity with people milling around, sharing movies, working in groups, all in a wireless, mobile, collaborative environment.

Pretty cool, eh?


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