Need a staff member’s phone number? Use Google

I found an interesting way to get people’s UW Tacoma Directory listing (phone number, email, box number, etc.)  via the google search bar in my browser: simply type in “UW Tacoma <insert staff member’s name here>”

The directory listing will usually be the first result.


Yeah, because of the way google ranks the pages at least one of my fellow staff members actually doesn’t show up at all, it’s kind of annoying. When I do the search a different staff person’s profile shows up instead.

Free cup of coffee to the first person to email me both staff members’ names. Bonus points if you know WHY this happens.

What’s my email you ask? Look it up!

UW Tacoma Bostelle

Update: you can refine the search even further by including the word “directory” in there. So the search query would be “UW Tacoma Directory Bostelle.” Even that and I’m still in second place. But the person I’m looking for in my contest at least shows up finally!

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