Meetings, meetings, meetings

The flavor of the week is meetings.

I am on just three committees and yet this week I have no less than 7 hours devoted to meetings.

Part of the problem of being a UWT Library employee is that some of these meetings take place in Seattle (Web Services is having one on Thursday). If I want to be part of the community up there I have to spend at least an hour and a half in travel time. And if they hold the meetings in such a way that they end between 4pm and 5pm then you can add another hour (at least) on to the commute. The point is, meetings take up a lot of my time.

And meetings are invaluable. You just cannot develop a community without some kind of face to face meetings.

Recognizing this, technology has tried to come to the rescue.

Yugma is a more traditional tool, combining VoIP and screen sharing technology. Meh. Not too impressed.

LiveLOOK is just a screen sharing tool but I can already think of dozens of handy applications. Like when a faculty member calls me and can’t get into ERES? It would be so nice to be able to have him share his computer with me so that I can see exactly what he’s doing wrong. Too bad, not free.

There are so many…

I have to spend some time one day and get around to looking at them.

UPDATE:  things have been so crazy around here that I forgot to add in to this post a blurb about how solving a sudoku puzzle is like scheduling a meeting.

For example, scheduling committee meetings for various groups in different time slots can pose a similar mathematical challenge. Each vertex represents a different committee, and two committees are joined by a line if they have a member in common. If some of the committees have already been assigned time slots, scheduling the remaining committee meetings involves extending a partial coloring to a proper coloring, so that all meetings are allotted times that don’t conflict with any other meetings

So, next time you’re trying to schedule a meeting and you wonder why it’s so difficult, remember, it’s a lot like a sudoku.



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2 responses to “Meetings, meetings, meetings

  1. I actually like Yugma. I think their video says it pretty well. see

    It’s a whole lot more than basic screensharing…and it works on mac too :^)

  2. Vyew does desktop sharing, web conferencing and always-on collaboration on any digital content on any platform with no software to install. It features a workspace that meeting participants can access anytime for file sharing and review. It has a fully functional free version and two paid subscription services at

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