Movies on your cellphone

AT&T has announced today that they are going to offer a new service to some of their cell phone subscribers: movies on their cell phones.

This is obviously a pilot project, designed to get the early adopters to test out the feasibility and demand for this new service, but it intrigues me none-the-less.  Before you run out and try to get on board, this program will only be available to a handful of people who have AT&T contracts, who have either a Vu phone or Samsung Access phone, and who are willing to pay extra for the service.

And what’s the service?  Uhh, only a handful of movies that have been run on TV and that are run on a schedule and that have commercials.

What is this 1986?

So, I can pay probably $20 a month to see Ghostbusters with commercial breaks?  Have they not heard of iTunes?  I can go right now to the iTunes store, RENT a movie for $2.99 and watch it on my iPod touch or my iPhone.  In the time it took to write this blog, I downloaded Drugstore Cowboy and it’s in pretty decent quality.  Good enough to watch on my regular TV, without commercials, whenever I want.  And there’s hundreds more movies like that.

Obviously, they just want to test this out.

Sorry, I’m not buying.


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