More iPhone Flap

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas.  If Santa Claus was an evil dude who promised to bring you your favorite toys and instead when you woke up on Christmas morning you found all the toys were hermetically sealed and required your parent’s credit card to open.  And to top it off only some of the toys were fully functional.

That’s right, kids, Apple has done it again!  First, announce the new SDK (software developer’s kit) and then?  Lock the SDK with a combination of odious user agreements and the fact that any application Apple doesn’t like they don’t have to deliver over their iTunes store.  This means that voip (Voice Over IP — skype, etc.), Java, Ruby, Python, Perl, Quake, and pretty much any actually extensible system is blocked from being delivered.

Way to take a great device and completely screw it up by emulating Microsoft’s business model.  Think Different, indeed.

This puts me solidly in the camp of “people who want a third party device that delivers on the promises of the iPhone.”  I still see the promise of these devices but they need to be open, I’m sorry but people are just used to it now.


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