3 meetings later…

I have had three meetings about the new space and right now there’s so much stuff swimming around in my head it feels like it could explode.  But I guess I can report this:

  • The Architects are very familiar with building libraries.  They are here to assist and I am in contact with them through Catherine Vogt.  If you have questions about the building, please send them to me and I will funnel them through Catherine Vogt, who will funnel their responses through me and back to you.  I think this system is designed to minimize the number of contact points with the Architects, who are very busy.
  • The next steps are for the library to start working on our needs, in the context of the UWT adding 600 fte and one program per year over the next three years.
  • The projected growth for UWT over the next 10 years is 7% per year (100% growth in 10 years).  Sometime down the road (and thus, something we should keep an eye on during out planning) is the big picture for the UWT library within the context of this growth.
  • Your UWT Library Building Planning team is pulling together some examples of learning commons.  Got one you want to share?  Send an email to Serin, Suzanne, or Beckie, they are the subcommittee working on that.
  • We all need to kind of be thinking of spaces that can blend with TLC while simultaneously thinking of spaces that need to be separated!  Think that’s complicated?  Try doing it in the context of knowing how much it will change the UWT Library if we even move ONE service out, much less a whole host of services.  Or how about if we add new services?  What happens to our identity?  OMG!!!?!!  OK. STOP…   Best not to think of these things yet, but maybe keep them in mind for:
  • The Building planning meeting on the 11th.  I’ll be meeting with Renee from HR/OD to go over some of her thoughts on the meeting that the library staff are all having on the 11th.  Until then, no peeking.
  • I have gotten a sort of firm-ish boundary for the amount of space we’re looking at; 15,000 asf.  Yay!  Is that one or two floors? Is that plus or minus the TLC’s current space?  Bridge or no bridge?  Can it hold compact shelving?  Can it hold regular shelving?  Yeah, all that and more, already asked.  Got any other questions I dshould ask Catherine?  Ask me!
  • Jennifer gave a stirring speech on collections space and how hard it is to pin down predictions for collections space.  She’s still going to try to predict something for us.  By March 3rd.  Which is awesome.  I will not be posting that without her approval because right now it’s an internal document.

Honestly, I don’t think that’s everything.  Somehow I just know I’m leaving something off.  If any of the committee members want to add something, please feel free to comment here.  That’s it.  That’s where I’m leaving it for now, or my head might explode.

Until tomorrow!


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