Tuesday meetings

Good morning.  Looks like we’re in for a 2 hour staff meeting today.  Sort of a kickoff for the Strategic Planning/New Building Programming task that the Strategic Planning Team has been assigned.

One of the key elements to that process is to have every staff person list all of the services that they provide; to the public, to the students, and to other staff.  In the interest of full disclosure, here’s my list:

  1. Technology Support: Staff, Faculty, Public — throughout the day, every day, I am called upon to answer questions both large and small relating to how to do something with our current technology.  This includes but is not limited to; supporting the databases, supporting the print system, supporting the Office software, telephony, Web page management, Web page creation, and all other manner of technology from esoteric to the real.
  2. Technology planning: Staff, Faculty, Public — from time to time I am called upon, or set myself to, planning for the technological future of the UWT Library.  This task can be anything from advising library staff on where to put an Ethernet outlet to coordinating the installation and upgrade of the library wireless network.  Hey! Strategic planning fits here!
  3. Training: Staff, Faculty, Public — from time to time I provide training sessions on various technologies.  I have provided these training sessions for all users on campus, from a session on securing your home PC for the campus, to helping librarians with their training and information sessions.  I also train all library staff on all aspects of library information technology.
  4. Disseminate information: Staff, Faculty, Public — often I am called upon to pass along or re-interpret information.  This service ranges from simply helping staff to understand what it means that the “east coast backbone is down” to some of the things in this blog, like understanding technology advancements.
  5. Basic technology maintenance: Staff, Faculty, Public — often I must repair, troubleshoot, and do software and hardware maintenance on all of the library’s information technology infrastructure.

Ok, so that’s the kind of list the strategic planning team needs.  The team feels like the library needs an inventory of all the services we are providing as that will be the only way to know what kinds of services we will be able to provide in the new building and thus, in the future.

See you library folk at 1pm!


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