I love google!

Well, I love google’s news reader.  I’ve used other RSS readers and I decided to try out google’s one day on a lark.  It may not be the most feature rich reader but it is simple, intuitive, and easy to use.  If you have a gmail account it’s as simple as clicking on an RSS feed in Firefox and telling it to feed into your google reader.  There’s a very cool and simple sharing feature that puts everything I’m reading on a page that you all can view.  And if you don’t want to go to my page, you could just subscribe to the RSS feed of the shared items from my RSS feed: like a meta Litweblog!

Speaking of RSS feeds, the Amazon Kindle can do that: albeit, on a crappy, 2 bit (literally), 6 inch screen.  Too bad word is getting out that this reader just isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.  Looks like battery life and poor design are going to kill this item.   Let me describe why: you have a device that stores data (books, music, etc) but has almost no storage, it’s connected to the network but only via super slow cell phone  networks that you have to subscribe to — for a fee, it’s got a 6″ display that has poorer resolution than most remote controls, and now we find out that the advertised battery life is only 2 hours in reality.  So, you have a $400 device that is many things but does none of them well.  Well, I guess it’s good for eye fatigue and slightly easier to read on the subway. I’m guessing that tech savvy people are not going to rush out to buy this thing.  And book people — wait for it — like BOOKS.  Books are a technology that, unlike the horse and buggy, have not been improved upon much in hundreds of years.  Sure, we’re better at making books but the book as a means of transmitting, transporting, and storing information is still top dog.  And no glorified cell phone is going to topple that.  Especially not for the book people.  So, I’m calling it: this device will fail.  Maybe people will one day read books on a device like this, but the Amazon Kindle is dumb technology.

Ok, enough about that.

You all know by now that some of our databases went down yesterday because the “east coast backbone” died.   As far as I can tell the east coast didn’t suffer some massive internet outage — if it had we’d all be at terror alert ELEVENTYORANGEREDOMG!!!  So, the database vendor must have had a local outage.  Anyway it’s back up.  Let me know if anything is acting funny and I’ll take a look at it.

Have a great weekend!


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