ow, me back…

Before you get too worried, I am here and Jessica will be here today too (10-4) but me back is killing me!  Actually it feels 1000 times better than last week and this is just normal muscle fatigue from a rather strenuous workout yesterday (my first outdoor football practice.)   Still, I’m going to the doctor and I’ll be seeing my massage therapist this after noon as well.  It’s not as fun as you might think, he’s a rolfer and last time he left me all bruised up.  Also I have a really cool bruise on the top of my foot from a daring tackle that I made on some punk kid last night…  ehh…  yeah…

Anyway there’s a couple of really cool technology things that I wanted to talk about today.  This first item is a blurb I heard on KUOW last night and followed to SlashDot this morning about an article by the Wall Street Journal on Microsoft’s announced plans to beef up their assault on VMware (see how the new media works — how many “hops” did I have to go over to get to the article?).  Anyway, what Microsoft wants to do is basically go back to the days of X-terms.  Suzanne, remember those?  Basically, they want to host a virtual operating system on a server that would get pushed down to whatever computers I would choose to put the OS on.  This is great in theory from MY standpoint, because if 100 machines are hosting the same OS all I have to do to change a part of that OS or upgrade software is do one install.  This is bad in theory from YOUR standpoint in that we will have things like concurrent user problems (if I have 8 licenses for Dreamweaver then only 8 people would be able to “check out” that software at any one time), increased network traffic, and the age old problem of not really owning anything and just paying for upgrades and the like.  However, then your data will be more secure, an.. oh I think you get the point.  It’s complicated and nothing is coming out quite yet but I suspect this will be the model for the future.

Also, if Microsoft does it, you know the implementation will be seamless and bug free!  One of the very first computer systems I ever worked on was a server-terminal system in a hospital back in 1989.  And when I took the job here as a Tech II the library only had a few “x-terms” which were essentially the same thing.  Isn’t it a bit odd that Microsoft is looking back to the 1980s for inspiration in the OS realm?  I do.

Meanwhile, Apple is perfecting miniaturization.  Great.  It’s a laptop.  It’s really light.  WHEEE!  How about an iPhone that’s not tethered to some odious monthly contract, that’s more extensible (why aren’t these devices powered with a Linux OS?), that works on more networks (including and especially Wi-Fi), that has a bigger screen, plays movies, plays music, has GPS, and I can put Skype on it?  A few competitors are emerging, the HTC Touch is a Windows based item, Samsung has something they think rivals the iPhone, LG is trying but they’re all just not quite there.  I have to say, though, this is an exciting time for technology in Information Sharing.  I am certain we’ll see my dream item in the next year or so.

Anyway, that’s your lot.  Later!

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