what would happen if…

What would happen if you made a Shockwave game that tested people’s ability to shelve books using the LC call # system?

You will make into this blog.

What would happen if you made it past level three?

Try it and see.

Jessica and I could do this better, couldn’t we?  Jessica?



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2 responses to “what would happen if…

  1. Lynetta

    That game is fun, but I wish it had more levels! I played the same three levels like three times. And the shelve by subject was definitely different! Anyways I got pass level three so… now what? lol Oh my high score was 6600! ;p


  2. Erica

    There is another game as well:

    I’ll Get It! – You are a student who must help his peers to identify a variety of research material.


    There weren’t any instructions the first time I tried it, so it took a few attempts to figure it out. I think I might even try using this with my freshman Core group.

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