it’s a three day weekend

Martin Luther King, Jr. day is on Monday so there will be no official blog again until Tuesday the 22nd. You may see stuff posted here though, like last night’s gem, so I think you should check back… hourly.

The News Tribune has created a great little application that maps out all the free wi-fi hotspots in Tacoma. Next time someone asks where they can go to get free wi-fi, just show them that link.  The only odd thing is that I don’t see Metro Coffee on that list, someone ought to tell the News Tribune that they have free wi-fi. You also may have noticed that I have added a new side bar to the blog that contains technology related links. I have put this item in there for your convenience.

Not much else going on today. So, I’ll leave you with a videojug recipe for how to make Chicken Tikka Masala. I really do think that technologies like Videojug and so on are a great way to get information to users.

Just a couple of things I do differently to my recipe:

  1. Just cut the tomato in half. Then when you’re at the part where you cook the tomato place both halves in the pan skin side up (facing you). Cook them for a few minutes and then use a spatula to press down on the tomato flesh until the icky skin separates from the yummy flesh. Scoop the skin out of the dish. Also, use old super soft tomatoes for this dish.
  2. Garlic and ginger. I like my texture to be less chunky, so I use a garlic press and put the garlic and the ginger in the press. You can also get a good result from a grater. And garlic and ginger are available in a paste (which is how Indian cooks do it).
  3. Spices. Never buy spices in jars. Fred Meyers in Tacoma always has bulk spices. Buy them there. This whole dish should cost less that $10 to feed 4.
  4. Onion. I use red onions. They have a sweeter flavor.
  5. Water. I use chicken or vegetable stock and then omit the salt. You can make your own stocks but Wolfgang Puck’s stocks are possibly the best and cheapest stocks I have ever cooked with.
  6. A vegan version of this can be done with Chickpeas.

Wouldn’t all of that description have been so much better if I showed you? Via a video?

Have a great weekend.


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