Rocket man!

If you’ve never seen William Shatner’s performance of Bernie Taupin’s “Rocket man” at the 1978 Science Fiction Movie awards, then you are in for a treat. It takes a lot for Shatner to shock me but him hamming up Rocket Man is truly Shatner at his shocking-est.

What’s interesting about the link (aside from Bill) is that it is being touted as a “high quality,” “1st generation” copy of the video. Almost as if this YouTube user is trying to lay some kind of primary source type claim to this copy of a copy. I wonder if in 10 years this kind of thing will be seen as “good enough” for most users?

In wonderful news for corporate interests everywhere Sun Microsystems just bought MYSQL! Sweet! Another powerful, open source system that is used to run the internet will become a proprietary dinosaur used for corporate profit! Some people say that the “network plus the database is the computer” and Sun now owns the computer. To give you all an example close to home: Staffweb, LITweb, the In/Out board, and I think even this blog are powered by MYSQL. Yay!

A professor of Media Studies at the University of Brighton in the UK, tired of getting shoddy work from her students,  has banned the use of Google and Wikipedia in class.  Instead, she requires that students cite from a pre-approved list of books. Seems like swatting a fly with a shotgun, to me.


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One response to “Rocket man!

  1. Marisa Petrich

    That whole “pre-approved books only” thing is just sad!

    Knowing my luck, I’ll end up in her class…

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