Wireless logon

Looks like the UW has updated their wireless logon page. Now, patrons can do a long term logon by ticking a check box.

A word of caution.  That is essentially a permanent logon (as long as the NetID is valid and they use the UW Wireless network more than once every 100 days.) What you as a staff or student would NOT want to do is tick that box on a shared system.  Because everything that anyone does with that internet access would be associated with your NetID.

The technology part of it, is simply that Seattle is registering the MAC address of the computer and associating it with the NetID, then a cookie is stored on the computer and given an expiration of 100 days.  If the user attaches to the wireless network and then attempts to go to an outside page (like Arsenal.com for example) the network checks the cookie, checks the MAC address and allows or challenges the user based on the response.  I suspect that it also updates the date on the cookie if the user is authorized.

Anyway, there’s a new way of authenticating to the network and you should familiarize yourself with it and the new rules.


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