The headphones have arrived

The Reference desk now has noise canceling headphones available for the public who need to listen to materials on the public computers. The headphones are only available during Reference desk hours and are very simple to operate: plug them in and listen.  If you want to activate the “noise canceling” feature, you switch them on.

As far as procedures/policies/etc. I suspect Reference staff will take collateral in order to loan the items to
users but I’ll leave that up to Suzanne to decide.  As for the computer use policy, it is NOT necessarily against the rules for patrons to bring in their own movie and watch it on the public computers.  As in all cases, library staff will have to make a judgment call on an individual basis to determine if users are using equipment for academic use or not.  And of course, as always, library staff will have to sort out any issues of competing needs for valuable resources.  And finally, if the user is causing a disruption, they should be dealt with according to the Policy on Libraries Disruptions (Operations Manual, Vol. 1, Section B, No. 4).

No change there, eh?

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