thank god it’s Tuesday

Good morning!

So far everything in the new house is still in massive disarray and on days like today I get up at 5 drive to the old house, make coffee, jog, take a shower and get dressed for work and drive here. I should have time to sort some stuff out tonight though because the cable company is coming this afternoon and that usually means sitting around and waiting for someone to show up for 5 hours. But the new house is great and I’ll let you know when the house/baby warming party happens.

Ok, on to the work-related news. First, there’s a very very cool debate going on right now on the New York Times “Bits” section. It’s titled Bits Debate: Is Copy Protection Needed or Futile? What’s really special about this is that there are two very knowledgeable people discussing and debating a very sensitive topic in an intelligent and thoughtful manner.  What’s really missing is any discussion of the “third way” that libraries offer.  In fact, on Monday there isn’t a single mention of “libraries.”  You can add a question for the moderator to ask the two guys by going to the main debate page and simply adding your question into the “comments.”  Now, get to it y’all!

Are you sick and tired of hours of endless tee-shirt folding?  Now, you can fold a tee-shirt in just two seconds flat!  Here’s how.  Can anyone tell me where this technique originated? Here’s a hint, it’s all about mathmatics and folds.

Finally, yesterday the strategic planning team met with Renee Nyberg (UWTs HR/OD Manager) and she laid out a pretty workable process and timeline for the strategic plan.  I’m pretty excited about this but don’t want to let any cats out of any bags until the Strategic Planning committee has a chance to meet and approve the process.

Ok, that’s your lot for now. Check back later for updates and other tech news.


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